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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Our goal is to provide you super quality products, and to ensure that our articles 100% satisfaction. We are fully confident that you will be satisfied with your product, the speed and quality of service. We understand that each client's needs are unique, we are ready to deal with any problems that may arise. 1. We accept exchange or refund for the following reason to return: shipping errors, damaged goods. 2. If you need to return the items, please ensure that the project is not in use.

* Please also keep all the items on the label. Otherwise, the return of the items will not be accepted. You have 30 days to do so.

* You will pay freight costs, you have to get the job posting certificate. This certificate is free. * If the item you received under the same conditions as you return, you will be refunded the cost of the project.

* Unfortunately, we can not refund the postage and shipping your return postage.

3. Please make sure your return. We are not responsible for returned shipping damage.

4. Please e-mail all returns request return e-mail from our company. Select "Return" as the theme. In the message, you need to state:

* Your order number

* Product (S) you want to return

* Do you want a return to reason.

* Following your product tracking number is sent

* When we receive your e-mail our customer service will send you a "return."

* Please fill out the form and return it with your returned package.

5. The Stock Exchange of Product: You can add your product to any other product equal or lower value. Or we can give you a 5% cash discount.

* If the rest of the lower exchange value of the project will be returned to your card. 6. It should be noted that if you can not return or exchange within 30 days after receipt of the product, the application inadmissible.

7. Remember that before you return items, please contact us

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